One gateway - hundreds of devices Thousands Ft. Coverage



  • Deep in-building connectivity and providing coverage in difficult to reach areas around your home
  • Thousands ft. long range coverage between the hub and the sensor
  • Ethernet and WiFi Internet connection covers almost all use cases
  • Press-and-play installation and no tools needed
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and LoRa antenna to have a clean and elegant outlook
  • Built-in high security standard 128
  • Easy to manage with MerryIoT app for both iOS and Android

MerryIoT Hub


A thousands ft. long range coverage LoRaWAN gateway can connect HUNDREDS of devices.

Just ONE LoRaWAN gateway can bring you the most cost effective smart home solutions because of its long range and many device capabilities.

Build your own smart, healthy and safe home now!


RF Specifications

Global Use: EU863~870MHz/US902~928MHz

Support LBT (Listen-Before-Talk)

Transmit RF Power: 0.5W (upto27dBm)

RF Sensitivity: -135dBm

Power Supply

5VDC/2A via Micro-USB port


Operating Temperature: 0 to 50°C Indoor use

Mechanical Specifications

Dimensions: L116 x W91 x H27 mm

Weight: 160 g

Regulatory Certification

Type Approval: CE/FCC/IC