Best-in-class integrated 4-in-1 open/close sensor works with Amazon Sidewalk


Open/Close Sensor Amazon Sidewalk Version

Amazon Sidewalk
  • Signal coverage test button
  • Device movement/tilt/vibration/tamper notification
  • Years of battery life time
  • Press-and-play installation and no tools needed
  • Built-in alarm buzzerwith min 80 dB
  • Works with Amazon Sidewalk

MerryIoT Open/Close Sensor Amazon Sidewalk Version


The MerryIOT Open/Close sensors give you a peace of mind, anywhere, anytime.

Get real time alerts at the exact moment you have unexpected guests, broken windows, opened safes, an opened mail box or escaped pets.Even a tamper attempt!

The sensors are removable, movable and easily placed at most doors or windows.


Now works with Amazon Sidewalk


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Radio / Wireless

Frequency: EU 868 MHz; US 902~928 MHz

Antenna Gain: -2dBi Peak

RF Sensitivity: -135dBm

Wireless Connectivity: Amazon Sidewalk LoRa

Power Supply

Battery Type: 3.6V ½AA Li-SOCl2 x 2pcs, 2400mAh

Expected Battery Lifetime: 3 years

*Note: Battery life is mainly determined by the reporting frequency. Other factors include moisture and high temperature.

Average Current: 135mA max / 100uA min

Operating Conditions

Temperature: 0 to 50°C Indoor use (IP40 equivalent)


Hall-Effect Sensor

• Detection range: 1 cm

Temperature Sensor

• Measurement range: -40°C –125°C

• Accuracy: ±(1°C)

Humidity Sensor

• Measurement range: 0 %RH - 100 %RH

• Accuracy: ±5 %

Three-Axis Linear Accelerometer

•3 sensitivity levels: High/Mid/Low

Mechanical Specifications

Dimensions: 90 mm x 25 mm x 40 mm;(Magnet) 40mm x 15 mm x 10 mm

Weight: 100 g


Works with Sidewalk

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